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Clive 2

"It's a paranoid political thriller."

Click HERE to read the full interview.
12th-Feb-2009 02:02 am(no subject)

Is created new community of Clive! Now I will send my posts there.
Let's meet on http://community.livejournal.com/cliveowen_daily/ !!!!

Дождались, братья славяне? Идея создания первого русскоязычного сообщества Клайва Оуэна с треском провалилась! 
Но есть и положительные моменты - я познакомилась с очень интересными людьми из разных стран. Теперь мы общими усилиями попытаемся создать самый интересный, информативный, иллюстрированный и т.д. сайт о нашем любимом актере. Присоединяйтесь! А также читайте мой журнал About Clive Owen, где вы найдете свежие новости не только о Клайве Оуэне, но также информацию о других актерах и огромное количество фотографий в HQ! Возможно, в моей фотогалерее вы найдете и свои любимые фильмы, и своих любимых актеров!


Owen said, "We've shot in some of the most stunning places I've ever seen in my life."

Leaonne Hall | Friday, February 6th, 2009 at 2:02 pm

While Western Australia has been in the limelight in recent months, following the success of Baz Luhrmann’s epic movie Australia, Southern Australia has also been on camera, providing the backdrop to Academy Award-nominated actor Clive Owen’s latest movie.

Owen has just finished filming “The Boys Are Back”, an A$18.5 million movie shot in over 33 locations throughout Southern Australia.


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Clive Owen counts his many lucky stars, on screen and off

By Donna Freydkin, USA TODAY
NEW YORK — Pursuing corrupt bankers with Naomi Watts. Plotting the ultimate con with Julia Roberts.

It's all in a day's work for British actor Clive Owen. "I've been very lucky in the last few years, haven't I?" he asks rhetorically.

CLIVE'S FAVORITE ROLE: Father to Hannah and Eve

Owen blows into theaters with back-to-back high-octane flicks. In The International, opening Friday, he's a single-minded Interpol agent who works with a Manhattan D.A. (Watts) to take down a corrupt global bank. And on March 20, he reunites with his Closer co-star Roberts in Duplicity, a sexy tale of two secret agents with one diabolical plan.


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Clive Owen’s latest thriller timely look at greed

By Jamie Portman
February 9, 2009 7:01 PM

BEVERLY HILLS -- The last thing the world’s troubled banking system needs right now is a movie like The International.

But perhaps that’s the best reason for releasing this high-octane thriller about a predatory world bank which will stop at nothing -- even murder -- to protect a host of reprehensible activities which include financing terrorism and war.

“I think it’s amazing how timely it has become,” says British actor Clive Owen who plays a dedicated Interpol agent determined to take down a formidable foe -- a powerful international bank whose financial and political tentacles extend into the boardrooms of corporate power and into the deepest recesses of government. The film opens Feb. 13.


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By Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY

A busy man at the moment: Clive Owen stars in two upcoming movies, The International, opening Friday, and Duplicity, out March 20.

Fatherhood is Clive Owen's favorite role -- right now

By Donna Freydkin, USA TODAY

NEW YORK — Fatherhood suits Clive Owen.

The actor's daughters, Hannah, 12, and Eve, 9, have finally figured out what their father does for a living, even though they're not allowed to see any of his very R-rated films. And they're trying to benefit from it.


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8th-Feb-2009 10:14 pm - Owen plays a more human hero

Owen plays a more human hero

Clive Owen gets down and dirty as the anti-Bond in the new financial thriller The International

By BRUCE KIRKLAND - Sun Media     

LOS ANGELES — Call Clive Owen the reluctant movie star. He was happy not to sign on as James Bond, a role that fell instead to Daniel Craig. Now Owen is the rumpled leading man in The International, the essence of an anti-007 thriller.

The 46-year-old Owen, who makes the ladies swoon when cleaned up and acting cool, is unshaven, disheveled and a tad crazy as the hero of The International.


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Новости Голливуда: «Интернэшнл»

Сергей Рахлин 07.02.2009

Забавный парадокс: фильм «Интернэшнл» (The International), косвенно, а иногда и прямо выступающий против пороков глобализации, сам является ее продуктом. На экраны мира его выпускает американская киностудия Columbia Pictures, режиссер-постановщик и композитор – немец Том Тиквер, сценарист Эрик Сингер – американец. В главной мужской роли – британец Клайв Оуэн, в главной женской роли – австралийка, родившаяся в Англии Наоми Уоттс, главных злодеев играют ирландец Брайан Ф. О’Бирн, датчанин Ульрих Томсен и немец Армин Мюллер-Шталь.

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